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When you and/or your co-workers experience a success (no matter how big or small), what do you do? Do you take time to celebrate your success? Do you share a quick “congratulations” or “well done” and automatically direct your attention towards the next goal without proper acknowledgement of what’s been achieved?

In our non-stop, 24/7 world, it is all too easy to place immediate focus on your next task at hand and forget to stop and reflect on our successes. Ironically, it’s like what’s been achieved all of a sudden loses its importance simply because it’s been achieved. But if you ignore your own wins or those of the ones around you, you miss a vital opportunity not only to value and celebrate all that’s been done in order to achieve that particular success but also to inspire everyone to notch up even greater successes.

There are of course a number of reasons why celebrating success is essential but I’d like to focus on just a few:

>> It puts the focus on the positive rather than the negative, on the CAN DO rather than on the CAN’T DO.

>> It motivates people to continue delivering good work because it feels good to see that your efforts are valued.

>> It reinforces the concept that good, focused, diligent work pays off.

>> It builds your confidence and makes it easier to keep pushing to reach those large-scale future goals.

That being said, how can we celebrate success? Arguably, the celebration doesn’t have to be a big deal. It can be something you do alone or something you share with others. It just has to make you feel good and help you enjoy your accomplishment. For example, you can throw a party, treat yourself to something special like a big piece of delicious chocolate cake or a day off work, share it on Facebook or tweet it, go for a run or for a relaxing stroll along the beach. You can even write your success story to share in an editorial to colleagues, which is what I’m doing now.

We can obviously celebrate our success on our own but to me it works much better in a team context. Thus, I want to celebrate my success story with all of you. And this particular success involves lots of people (the GT team, all the Managers and Trainee Teacher Coaches) but, in particular, four former-Trainee Teachers: Ana Luiza Lobo, Joana Louback, Juliana Pereira, and Juliana Queiróz. They were the first four to complete the Trainee Teacher Programme and were hired as Cultura Inglesa teachers. This is a celebration of closure and at the same time a celebration of beginning.

As we start a new year, I want to celebrate them as icons of success, as people who through their hard work, sense of purpose and dedication prove that it is possible to achieve your goals and who inspire all of us to do the same.

So here’s to you, ladies! Take a bow! (And if you decide to throw a party, let me know…)


Do you prepare students for the FCE revised exam? Would you like to maximize their learning experience by taking advantage of digital technologies?

Join the online course FCE GOES DIGITAL (for teachers worldwide) and get an EBOOK with plenty of digital activities for each part of the revised exam.

During the course online tutors will be discussing about challenges faced during the preparation and will have the chance to explore digital activities proposed in the ebook "FCE goes digital".

For more info, visit their webpage by clicking here.

Once again, Fortaleza will be hosting an ACINNE Conference. The 2015 theme is “Planning for spontaneity: real-time decision making in the classroom”.

The conference will happen from the 18th to the 20th of April 2015. Save these dates now.

For more information, please visit the conference’s website by clicking here.

How can we become better teachers?

In trying to answer this question, five internationally renowned teacher trainers give us a simple tip each. Which of these tips could you put readily into practice?

Watch the following video snippet (5 minutes only) and find out why they think these tips are important.

British Council
For teachers who may be interested in their own self-development, watching webinars can be an interesting source of ideas.

The British Council TeachingEnglish website offers a range of recorded webinars ranging from teaching children and teens to learner autonomy and areas most Brazilian teachers are less acquainted with, such as CLIL.

Click here to go over the full list of recorded webinars.

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