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“There’s no place like home.” - These magical words came out of Dorothy’s mouth in a great attempt to go back to what she called her place. A long time far from the ones she loved, everything she wanted was getting to see them again. The Wizard of Oz is one of my beloved child stories. It is part of my sweet memories and also character building.

First semester of 2014, lots of challenges to face: Becoming a mentor, being part of a new staff in a new branch in a world-cup-affected semester. New tasks, new feelings, new routine, new boss (Hey, Milton!). Hard to keep sanity ‘updated’! On the other hand, who am I to dare being sane? Loving my job is being healthily-mentally ill. Wanting more of it, developing my skills (and my colleagues’) as a teacher… It all means changing and that is definitely not easy, not sane. Had I known it’d be a so quirky, odd semester… I’d done it sooner! It was, indeed, tiring (shorter than normal, though, exhausting!), it had its ups and downs but, all in all, that’s just a peculiar brick in the wall.

This past semester was surely different for me. Not only because of the avalanche of new information I’ve been absorbing but also because I’ve shared much more… I’ve been learning. I imagine lots of teachers may agree with me on the fact that, in order to continue liking our jobs, we’ve got to learn something different every day. Teachers cannot not learn anything new; our brains need to keep on moving so that we find different ways to start our students’ brains up (pretty complex, right?!).

It does not matter if it’s the first or second semester, if everything is new or (you think) nothing changed in your life. There’s always a new pair of shoes. Smaller as they might seem, fitting or not our big or tiny feet, we’re the ones who decide to wear them or not; we choose to learn something new or not. I’ve decided to wear a brand new pair of shoes this semester and guess what? They fit, they match my stylish clothes and I feel great with them!

Dorothy wanted to go back to her family wearing her sparkling magic shoes. She did want to go home and feel welcomed by the ones she loved. I’d say I’m luckier than her: I’ve got sensational shoes and I do not need to go home… I’m home!

Great 2014.2 to all of us!!


Carla is a mentor and a teacher in our Campo Grande 2 branch. She’s been working at CULTURA for 10 years.

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